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BOM Flowers
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pioneapple Quilt

Last summer Becky, from my quilt guild, taught a Saturday class in making Pineapple Blocks using the Gyleen Fitzgerald method and ruler. I made a few that day and put everything away. I was determined to not let this be a UFO forever, so I got everything out after Christmas and made 20 blocks. They are a little tedious to make because you have to trim after each round, but they come out nice. When the blocks were finished and sewn together, the quilt seemed so dark and dreary to me. I go for bright colors. But a friend suggested picking up the lighter colors with a brighter border, and that worked wonders. I really love the final product, and maybe I'll even make more pineapple blocks in the future.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some Quickie Projects

My friend, Sue, gave me 6 beautiful 1/2 yards of red and white batik fabrics. I thought a lot about what to make with them because I didn't want to cut them into small pieces and lose the pattern. So I finally decided to do what I usually do with big prints, make pillowcases. Since these were 1/2 yard pieces, I had to improvise a little, but I think they are very cute and will be great to use next Christmas. Then I decided to make a little card wallet. Since I now have a Medicare card, a regular insurance card, eye insurance card, dental insurance card and a couple of cards having to do with my knee replacement, I needed a separate card holder. It came out okay, but could be better and neater if I made a second one.

My Warm Flannel Quilt

I began this quilt a year ago. It was so big and had lots of long, narrow, sashing strips. These were so tedious, pinning and sewing these long strips. As spring came last year, I put it away. Then in the fall, I took it to Arlene and asked her to sew some strips for me. Next thing I knew, it was finished. I took it to Laura Kardos for quilting and soon it was on my bed. I love the colors, Ruby by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. And it is SO warm and cozy to sleep under.